Dots Mesh is an open social platform
Dots Mesh is an open social platform. There are no ads and no spam by design, and you have full control over your social profile. You can learn more about it at

Dots Mesh is a project I wanted to start a long time ago. It solves a couple of real problems and creates some amazing opportunities. For a few years, I've collected ideas and researched how to implement them. In November 2019 I decided it was time to give it a try. A few months passed in research and development and then I learned about Mozilla Builders. They had just announced their Fix-The-Internet initiative and I happily joined. Dots Mesh was part of their Open Lab program and I've got a lot of valuable mentoring and support.

I never thought that coding will be the hardest thing in this project. I've got to learn a lot about encryption, privacy, and secure architectures. I've also rewritten multiple times some of the components, to make them more privacy-aware. It was a challenge, and I'm happy these things are now done and they work better than expected.

In August 2020 Dots Mesh launched publicly, and all the news after this date are posted on

And because this is an open-source project, the code is available at GitHub.

My Dots Mesh profile: