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It all started in June 2014. I decided to spend some Saturday morning time with 126 other people running 5 kilometers in an event organized by Never done this before and never thought that this will change my life. These 28:51 minutes running were hell, but this hell thought me a lot. Since then, running is a key part of my life.

Some stats

Distance: 79.8 km
Elevation: 455 m
Time: 6h 18m


Distance: 449.1 km
Elevation: 2,724 m
Time: 36h 52m

Distance: 1,001.7 km
Elevation: 21,296 m
Time: 96h 56m

Distance: 1,103.6 km
Elevation: 19,675 m
Time: 110h 9m

Distance: 1,679.0 km
Elevation: 24,350 m
Time: 154h 37m

Distance: 1,803.9 km
Elevation: 15,506 m
Time: 166h 48m

Distance: 1,639.0 km
Elevation: 17,229 m
Time: 142h 28m

Distance: 2,440.4 km
Elevation: 33,985 m
Time: 237h 53m

Distance: 2,668.7 km
Elevation: 41,297 m
Time: 270h 49m

Distance: 1,813.3 km
Elevation: 12,592 m
Time: 162h 27m

Personal bests

5k - 18:17 at South Park Sofia
Half marathon - 1:26:24 at Sofia half marathon 2022
Marathon - 2:58:33 at Sofia marathon 2021

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Running movies I've made

Shoutout to KrisoK Photography for the picture at the top.